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About Blood History in Atlanta

Blood History Of Georgia

Blood History Of Georgia

This website is for the use of the members of Blood History — a private Atlanta historical and genealogy society. We are not affiliated with any other Atlanta or Georgia historical, education, or genealogical society. While the services that these public organizations and institutions perform enhance research, we have a different mission.

The Blood History Mission

The state of Georgia was founded in 1732, and it has the distinction of being the 13th and last original colony. In 1861, the state declared succession from the union that it helped found. Georgia also has the distinction of being one of the original seven Confederate states. Georgia was also the very last state to be restored to the United States in 1870. Today, this state is a center of commerce and industry. It contains Georgia – considered a global city – and a diverse population from many backgrounds and ethnicity – that all make up the great state.

We don’t back down from your history, and we recognize that it was not all glorious. The people of Georgia have made mistakes, but they have also moved forward in a way that few places on earth can claim to do.

We explore the history of Georgians – not just Georgia

Our members are interested in learning about their family’s history. We explore this in a couple of different ways:

  • Searching through historical records, documents, and archives
  • High-tech DNA matching

Many of our members have uncovered ancestors who were kings and nobles in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Others have discovered that they are distantly related to renowned celebrities, political leaders, and businessmen who are working today. Even more surprising, many of our members have even found out that they are related to each other. This fulfills our mission of helping people figure out who they are and how we are all somehow interconnected.

Parts of Georgia We Serve

Most of our members come from the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, and that probably makes sense since the Atlanta area contains the most people. However, we have members from almost all parts of the state. Our members are housewives, locksmiths, doctors,  accountants, CEOs, professors, plumbers, and teachers. They all share a passion for the history of Georgia, the United States, and the world. We even have members who live in other states, but we try not to hold that against them. Three of our member families live overseas right now, but they came from Atlanta!

Why Blood History Is Important

This is important research. If you forget your history, you are doomed to repeat it. There are some parts of history that we would rather not repeat. Besides, most of our members find that the study of their family’s past is one of the most exciting adventures that they have ever taken. They feel this way even if they do almost all of their research on their home personal computer or through local archives.

Feel free to browse around the website to get some tips on ways to explore your own family’s blood history.